Tumble Dryer

Date ListedJuly 25, 2015

Washer Extractor

W Series Automatic Washer Extractor

  • Smart Programmable Computer Control provides luxury replica watches flexible automatic and manual operation.
  • Easy-Touch Function Keys and Fully Use-Friendly keyboard simplify operation.
  • High working speed, energy saving, small size, simple structure, reasonable design, safety and reliability.
  • Widely user for school, apartment, laundry etc.

Microcomputer control panel, high automation, safe and stable, and has good vibration-proof quality.

High quality stainless steel panels, inner barrel, outer barrel structure.

With latest international tub fully suspended structure  anti-vibration equipment wind up toy and with damping system, the machine can achieve the ideal anti-vibration effect when it is working in high buildings. 

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