Date ListedJuly 25, 2015

Simper, easy to ues operating system.

Programmable intelligent computer-controller, 7-inch LCD full-color touch screen, high-speed microprocessor, 49 programmable sets, procedures and parameters can be achieved through the U-disk copy, make operation and maintenance easier, convenient multi-user access management.

Easy to load and unload cloths

Large door design allows easy loading and unloading of clothes,best replica watches are angle designed to avoid accidental injury, more humanity and security.

Suspension system

Brand-new dynamic suspension system, the focus usually occurs in the center of balance, power will be evenly distributed to minimize vibration, so that dehydration stability and reduced wear.

Speed appropriate, high efficiency

Single inverter drive to provide the necessary speed, high-speed spin speed 700rpm, generate real effort 350G, thus reducing drying time and increase washing efficiencya

LCD microcomputer control panel, high automation, safe and stable, and has good vibration-proof quality.

High quality stainless steel panels, inner barrel, outer barrel structure.www.magicwatches.cn

With latest international tub fully suspended structure anti-vibration equipment and with damping system, the machine can achieve the ideal anti-vibration effect when it is working in high buildings. 

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